Think They Saw? - 🧡 Video: People think they saw a UFO over the St. Louis arch

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This is the story of US troops who think they saw Bigfoot in Vietnam

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If someone claims they think they saw a sharp object in my bag will I get fired. ?? I only had a box cutter and sunglasses. What would happen. : AmazonFC

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Things Women Didn't Understand About Penises Until They Saw One

Although Americans tend to think of Sasquatch as a North American phenomena, there are legends of hidden giant apes or ape-men all around the word.

  • We were greeted by the same old git who told me i would have to go the the gentleman's room.

  • Maybe you just are too shy so you take your attention off her to think something irrelevant of her.

Authorities think they know what's behind those jetpack sightings over Los Angeles

Given the one-in-ten billion odds, that could bring the uncertainty in the measurements down by a lot.

  • Yeah, there is also a real life version of this program and it is called makeup.

  • Like the Yeti in the Himalayas, and the Sasquatch sightings all over North America, the Nguoi Rung is a oft-told tale in the area, but despite endless the sightings and folklore attached to the semi-mythical creature, no concrete evidence exists.